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In today's highly competitive world, answering sales and service calls is crucial. But how do you find your staff quickly if a customer calls when they are away from their desks? Answer, you use the NetPage Unlimited PC paging system from LRS. NetPage Unlimited gives you the ability to send detailed text messages instantly from any stand-alone or networked computer to a sales associate, service advisor or any other staff member in your building wearing an LRS Alphanumeric pager. It's faster than voice mails and it isn't disruptive or easily missed like overhead paging.

With LRS Auto Dealerships Paging Solutions, we also make sure your customers are notified as soon as their vehicles are ready, no matter where they are. Whether they're waiting for an oil change, new tires, major repairs or to speak with a service technician, your customers can be notified on their cell phone or one of our On-Premise pagers. Our paging solutions give your customers the freedom to leave the waiting room area, visit the showroom or return to work and be notified from any PC located in your building when their vehicles are ready to be picked up.

Another solution from LRS is our Push-For-Service transmitters. Customers can page employees instantly and silently from almost anywhere. Each Push-For-Service transmitter can be programmed to send customized messages to anyone wearing an LRS Alphanumeric pager. This is an affordable and ideal solution for departments that don't have staff at their service counters all the time.


Send detailed messages to your staff with specific instructions at No-Cost
Eliminate expensive and time consuming mobile phone paging and monthly fees
Employees know immediately when a customer needs assistance
Staff can now assist customers quickly and efficiently
Re-Pages staff up to 3 times with custom time intervals
Instant paging promotes faster response times and improved productivity
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