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Our advanced Push-For-Service transmitters give your customers the ability to order food, drinks and report any issues they may have. By allowing them to page a server any time they choose with the push of a button, LRS transmitters will instantly increase your food and beverage sales and give your customers the V.I.P cinema experience they expect.

LRS Push-For-Service transmitters offer customers on-demand service and give your managers the ability to keep track of server response times and performance. If there is any delay from your servers in handling a customer request, our transmitters will automatically page your managers after a pre-assigned time limit notifying them of the delay. With this built-in Manager-Alert feature, you can now keep track of server response times, help improve their performance and make sure every customer request is handled efficiently. Our Push-For-Service transmitters are durable and can be mounted on almost any surface including walls, chairs and tabletops.

LRS Concession Stand guest paging systems are ideal when customers order food that require extra preparation time. Guest pagers reduce crowd congestion and help your staff locate waiting customers quickly, so they can deliver food orders fresh and hot. When your customers place an order, hand them an LRS guest pager and call them back to collect when their orders are ready.


Instantly increase your food & drinks sales and return your investment within weeks
Provide your guests the V.I.P treatment they expect
Instant and efficient Customer-Staff communication
Economical Staff-Staff paging solution with no monthly fees
Automatically pages the manager if there is a delay in service
Managers can now track and improve staff response time
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