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Daycare Centers


Run your Daycare Center with safety, security and serenity.

When it comes to children, that’s what parents expect from your Daycare Center and that is what LRS has been helping companies provide for almost 20 years.

Whether you're trying to contact parents because their child is ready to leave or searching for a fellow staff member for assistance, our affordable and silent paging systems will give your Daycare Center the ability to do just that.

Hand out an LRS guest pager to parents when they drop off their children and give them the freedom to walk around, shop and relax. When their child is ready to leave, simply type the parents’ pager number to notify them instantly. When parents return to your Daycare, collect their pager and use the number to confirm their identity. It’s a safer method of identifying parents than the use of paper tickets that can be easily copied.

LRS Daycare Paging Systems can also be used by your staff to contact each other with instant messages. All they have to do is type the staff member’s pager number, their message and press enter. Within seconds, your staff are instantly notified on their LRS Alphanumeric staff pagers. It’s really that simple!


Maintain safety since only parents with the correct pager can pick up their child
Instantly contact parents anywhere within the mall or your premises
Our pagers provide constant vibration so parents won’t miss a page
Maintain customer privacy by avoiding mobile phone paging
Very affordable with systems for every budget
Eliminate expensive and time consuming mobile phone paging and monthly fees
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