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Nightclubs & Lounges


Nightclubs are loud environments and locating your servers can be a difficult task. Customers expect fast and efficient service and LRS Nightclub Paging Solutions will give you the ability to do just that, run a smooth and professional operation.

LRS Push-For-Service transmitters such as the Pronto, Table Genie and Butler II, are used by customers to send instant messages to servers when they require service or assistance. With the push of a button, they can notify servers when they need to order ice, drinks or food. Customers can also use LRS transmitters to page the valet parking staff before they leave your nightclub, so they can avoid waiting outside for their cars to be delivered. Furthermore, LRS transmitters can be used to contact your security staff in case of an emergency. Your security staff will be immediately notified where the emergency is and will be able to respond quickly and professionally.

LRS offers a variety of Server Paging Transmitters to help improve server efficiency and performance. Our portable transmitters will give your bar and kitchen staff the ability to instantly locate servers when it’s time to pick up drinks and food orders. Instead of searching or waiting for servers to return, they can now call them with the push of a button, thus improving your order dispatch process as well as saving you time and money.


Give your guests the ultimate V.I.P service and improve guest satisfaction
Excellent solution for out of sight tables, upper floors and V.I.P rooms
Instantly increase your food & drinks sales and return your investment within weeks
Send detailed messages to your staff with specific instructions at No-Cost
Automatically pages the manager if there is a delay in service
Improve Customer-Staff interaction and staff efficiency
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