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Offices & Conference Rooms


In many professional offices, the ability to quickly contact employees has become a necessity. Whether it's an important business update, a staff meeting or a simple phone call, instantly locating employees can make all the difference.   

LRS has developed multiple solutions to meet your every need for Interoffice Communications. With LRS Office Paging Systems, you'll be able to contact employees no matter where they are within your premises.

LRS offers various paging solutions that could improve your staff communications such as NetPage Unlimited PC Paging, Freedom Call Staff Paging and Push-For-Service conference room transmitters. With the touch of a button, our paging systems will allow you to improve staff communications, assign daily tasks and streamline your operations.

With NetPage Unlimited, Freedom Call and Push-For-Service transmitters from LRS, staff members can page each other instantly and silently from almost anywhere. All our Office Paging Systems can be programmed to send instant messages to anyone wearing an LRS Alphanumeric pager. Our solutions are affordable and ideal for any office, large or small where staff members are not always found at their desks.


Locate and contact employees easily within your organization
Ideal and affordable solutions for all your Staff-Staff communications
Instantly notify staff of incoming phone calls or appointments running late
Quietly page staff members with your request from any conference room
Send detailed messages to your staff with specific instructions at No-Cost
Remind staff members of meetings & assigned tasks they must perform
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