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LRS | Server Paging Systems
Server Paging Systems


LRS Server Paging Systems are the smartest wireless server pagers on the market. They let your servers spend more time with guests instead of waiting in the kitchen for orders.

When an order is ready, the kitchen staff simply press one button on the transmitter and it will page the servers so they can pick it up. Since servers are now spending more time on the floor instead of the kitchen, you get faster table turns, better service and higher check averages.

LRS offers a Premier Server Paging line and standard features such as Built-In Clock, Manager Paging, Range-Test, Auto-Locate, Anti-Theft and wireless programming of pager numbers. When a server comes in for their shift, they take a pager and program it to their server number. When the order is printed in the kitchen, the chef pages that server number. LRS Server Paging transmitters are constructed of brushed stainless steel and come with multiple mounting options making them the easiest to install.

LRS Server Paging transmitters offer One-Touch operation which is ideal for restaurants with up to 30 servers. These transmitters allow the expeditor or chef to page servers with the push of a button.

Using the optional TX-9100-CP Cancel Panel adds the convenience of Server Re-Paging. The TX-9100-CP Cancel Panel will page the server up to three times and then page the manager automatically if they don’t respond.


Keep staff on the floor with guests to increase check averages
Faster service leads to more satisfied customers and an increase in sales
Faster service and larger bill averages means better tips for the servers
Increase drinks & desserts sales and improve Server-Customer interaction
Deliver food faster and while still hot
Eliminate costly and time consuming food reheats
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