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LRS | Trade Shows & Events
Trade Shows & Events


Every year, you invest time and money renting a booth in trade shows in order to close some good sales and build new business partnerships. Your latest prospect arrives at your booth and asks to speak to a salesperson. However, your salesperson left the booth about 5 minutes ago and you’re busy dealing with someone else. You kindly ask the prospect to wait but he says he’ll come back later but he never returns. Possibly, the biggest sales opportunity came your way but there was nobody there to deal with it.

Use LRS Push-For-Service transmitters or our patented Freedom Call staff paging system to eliminate missed opportunities like the one described above. Simply hand your employees LRS staff pagers and make sure you have the ability to instantly locate them when needed.

LRS Push-For-Service transmitters and Freedom Call are used to send your staff members customized messages with the touch of a button and to instantly improve your staff responsiveness. LRS Tradeshow paging solutions can be purchased or rented and are very affordable. Tradeshow organizers also depend on LRS paging solutions to streamline their operations and improve customer service, making sure their event is run in an efficient and professional manner.


No more missed sales opportunities and lost revenue
Affordable Staff Paging solution for any business
Send detailed messages to your staff with specific instructions at No-Cost
Auto-Alarm will page staff and remind them to perform certain duties
Easily assign employee tasks and ensure they are performed
Keep scheduled appointments in a professional and timely manner
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