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LRS | Valet Parking
Valet Parking


Since the 1970’s, the Valet Parking industry has been growing every year and LRS has once again developed unique solutions to streamline Valet Parking operations, improve service and enhance customer satisfaction when it comes to collecting their cars.

The main advantage of valet parking is convenience. Customers avoid the need to walk long distances to get to where they’re going. Many handicapped drivers also rely on valet parking when they can't walk from and to a distant parking location. Likewise, people don’t always have time to search for a parking space, especially in bad weather.

Valet parking also adds a touch of luxury such as bringing the car up front, having the doors opened for the customers and turning on the air conditioner or car heater, depending on the weather.

By using LRS Push-For-Service transmitters, the Valet Parking companies can now complete the luxury cycle by having their customers notify the valet staff, when they’re ready to pick up their cars. With the simple push of a button, customers can now request their cars in advance so they can avoid long lines and delays.

Hotels, Beach Resorts, Restaurants and Nightclubs can also improve their Valet Service instantly, by using our patented Freedom Call Transmitter. When your customers request their cars, simply type in their ticket or room numbers and press enter. Your valet attendants will instantly receive a notification on their pagers, of what cars they should bring up front.  


Provide your customers the luxury service they expect from your company
Customers no longer have to wait outside for their cars especially in bad weather
Eliminate customer crowding around the valet stand
Faster service means more satisfied customers and more revenue
Instantly improve customer satisfaction
Have an organized and professional customer waiting list
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