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LRS Yacht & Marina paging systems will give you the ability to contact your entire crew by using our Butler II, Pronto and Butler XP Push-For-Service transmitters. When you require food, drinks or any assistance, simply push the button and an instant message is sent to your crew notifying them of your request.

For indoor paging, the simple yet durable Butler II and Pronto transmitters are easy to use and may be attached to almost any surface. Butler II can be customized to send up to 5 messages, while Pronto can send up to 6 messages giving you the benefit to add more personal requests.

For outdoor paging, nothing beats the 100% water-proof Butler XP transmitter. It’s made from heavy duty Lexan plastic and can be installed anywhere such as showers, Jacuzzis and swimming pools. Add to that its powerful range and you will be able to reach your crew no matter where they are.

Butler XP’s are also used by marina operators for staff paging. When private yachts arrive, owners can use the Butler XP transmitters to call marina staff when they require assistance such as an electricity outlet, water or mooring staff. Because the Butler XP is 100% water-proof, it can be mounted anywhere outdoors no matter how extreme the weather is. 


Page marina staff members before mooring for assistance
Excellent solution for out of sight rooms and decks
Give yourself and your guests the ultimate V.I.P service
Send detailed messages to your staff with specific instructions at No-Cost
Instant and efficient crew communication
100% Water-Proof with Tamper-Resistant design
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