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LRS | Alpha Guest Coaster
Alpha Guest Coaster


Alpha Guest Coaster is just like the original Coaster Caller but with the added feature of a 4-Line Alphanumeric LCD display screen. Now, you can easily page and send customizable messages to your guests providing you with instant communication within your business.

Alpha Guest Coaster comes with a back-lit 255 character LCD screen that can display pager numbers as well as text messages. With its patented Stack-Charging system and unique 4-Pin design, they can be charged in any direction ensuring a consistent and reliable charge every time.

LRS guest pagers come loaded with all the options you need to streamline your operations such as pager Anti-Theft, Auto-Locate, Range-Test, Tracking-Mode and many more. Alpha Guest Coaster also includes a Shock-Absorbing bumper to minimize damage due to pager drops and a Water-Resistant design for easy cleaning.

Alpha Guest Coaster is available in Smoked Black and Cool Blue.


Discreetly send instant messages to your customers at No-Cost
Eliminate expensive and time consuming mobile phone paging and monthly fees
Have an organized and professional customer waiting list
Eliminate guest crowding around the hostess stand
Increase your sales by reducing customer No-Shows and Walk-Aways
Give your customers the freedom to walk around while they wait
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Back-Lit 255 character LCD display screen
Any-Orientation Stack-Charging System that utilizes less counter space
Unique 4-Pin charging design ensures the best possible charge
Shock-Absorbing bumper minimizes damage when an Alpha Coaster is dropped
Auto-Tracking mode continuously re-pages the Alpha Coaster until it is returned
Built-In Anti-Theft, Auto-Locate and Auto-Tracking features
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