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LRS | Freedom Plus Guest Paging
Freedom Plus Guest Paging


The new patented Freedom Plus guest paging transmitter from LRS is designed to provide your business and guests with more freedom when managing wait times. The new function of this transmitter is its ability to contact guests via text messaging, phone messaging or LRS pagers. 

The Freedom Plus is the only complete solution on the market for contacting guests because it combines the best of all technologies. Since it can call LRS pagers and cell phones, you will never have to worry again about contacting your guests. Text-Only systems limit your ability to contact guests that either don’t have a cell phone or who are reluctant to give out their cell number. With this system, it ensures that you can reach every guest, every time. 

Freedom Plus comes loaded with all the options you need to streamline your operations such as pager Anti-Theft, Auto-Locate, Range-Test, Tracking-Mode, Auto-Alarm and many more. Furthermore, you may connect a standard USB keyboard to the Freedom Plus transmitter and send instant customized messages to your guests at No-Cost.


Effective and affordable guest paging solution ideal for any type of business
Send instant customized messages using a USB keyboard at No-Cost
Eliminate guest crowding around the hostess stand
Have an organized and professional customer waiting list
No more loud and unprofessional customer name calling
Increase your sales by reducing customer No-Shows and Walk-Aways
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Easy-To-Read 16-Character 4-Line back-lit display screen
Built-In 1-Way cell phone texting
Supports a voice message recording
Built-In Anti-Theft, Auto-Locate and Auto-Tracking features
Various paging modes such as vibrate, beep, flash and glow
Supports up to 9,999 pagers and unlimited cell phones
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