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LRS | TX-9560-MT


The TX-9560-MT portable guest paging transmitter has been designed to provide your staff members the ability to send customers instant messages, as well as to page customers using any LRS guest pager. This transmitter enhances your overall customer experience by giving them the ability and freedom to sit and relax while they wait for their tables or food orders. With this system, you ensure that customers are instantly notified when your staff are ready to serve them.

The new added feature of the TX-9560-MT is its ability to also send your guests instant and customized messages with the touch of a button using any LRS Alphanumeric pager. This unique option can now help you combine both guest and text messaging using only one LRS Alphanumeric pager.

This user friendly and low-cost transmitter makes instant notification feasible for even the smallest businesses. The TX-9560-MT transmitter from LRS is the simplest and most affordable Guest Paging solution on the market. With this system, you ensure messages are sent instantly improving overall productivity and most importantly, the guest experience.


Affordable and ideal guest paging solution for restaurants and food courts
Increase your sales by reducing customer No-Shows and Walk-Aways
Give your customers the freedom to walk around while they wait
Easily find your waiting customers with the push of a button at No-Cost
Have an organized and professional customer waiting list
No more loud and unprofessional customer name calling
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Economically priced and easy to use
Can operate on a 220V battery as well as a power supply
Up to 1 week battery life on a single charge
Splash-Proof design for easy cleaning
Vibrate, flash, beep and glow alert modes
Tamper-Proof design
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