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LRS | Beach Butler
Beach Butler


Lying on the beach or sunbathing by the pool, your guests should never have to get up to find a waiter so they can order their food and drinks. With the Beach Butler Waiter Calling System, they no longer have to. They simply push a button and the waiter is instantly paged.

The Beach Butler gives your resort and hotel guests On-Demand service which leads to faster staff response time and greater guest satisfaction. Since your staff response time increases, they can now serve more guests in less time therefore increasing your daily sales.

When it comes to serving guests, instant communication helps improve staff efficiency. Since your staff members know instantly when your guests require service, you will need fewer employees per shift which reduces your monthly labor overhead.

With its unique Manager-Alert feature, Beach Butler automatically pages the manager if there is any delay in service from your staff. This gives you the opportunity to make sure all guest requests are handled instantly no matter what.

The Beach Butler is completely sealed and made using heavy-duty Lexan casting. It is 100% Water-Proof and Tamper-Proof and can be mounted on almost any surface using the rubber bands, Velcro straps and metal holder that are all included.

Beach Butler is available in 7 colors: Black, Yellow, Red, Orange, White, Green, Blue and Grey.


Instantly increase your food & drinks sales and return your investment within weeks
Reduce your monthly labor cost since fewer staff are now needed
Give your guests the ultimate V.I.P service
Re-Page feature reminds staff where service is needed
Automatically pages the manager if there is a delay in service
Managers can now track and improve staff response time
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Each transmitter can send up to two customized messages
Pages directly to staff pager with no hard wiring required
Pages one person or entire groups of people
100% Wireless Technology
100% Heavy-Duty Lexan case
Available in 7 colors
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