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LRS | S.O.S Butler
S.O.S Butler


Nothing is more important than the safety of your guests and their children. Place S.O.S Butlers around your hotel grounds and swimming pool and give your guests the peace of mind they deserve.

When it comes to guest safety, time is essential. In case of an emergency, your guests can instantly notify staff and lifeguards of their exact location by simply pressing a button. S.O.S Butler is the ideal solution for i.e. kids' pool area, water slides, adventure rides, lifeguards and first aid.

With its unique Manager-Alert feature, S.O.S Butler automatically pages the manager if there is any delay in service from your staff members. It gives you the opportunity to make sure all emergency pages are handled instantly no matter what.

The S.O.S Butler is completely sealed and made using heavy-duty Lexan casting. It is 100% Water-Proof and Tamper-Proof and can be mounted on almost any surface using the rubber bands, Velcro straps and metal holder that are all included.

S.O.S Butler is available in 7 colors: Red, Black, Yellow, Orange, White, Green, Blue and Grey.


Give your guests complete peace of mind
Instantly improve guest safety and satisfaction
Can page multiple staff members at once such as lifeguard and medic
Excellent solution for out of sight areas
Re-Page feature reminds staff where service is needed
Automatically pages the manager if there is a delay in response time
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100% Wireless Technology
Pages directly to staff pager with no hard wiring required
Re-Page feature reminds staff where service is needed
Pages one person or entire groups of people
Each transmitter can send up to two customized messages
Available in 7 colors
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