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LRS | Door Sensor Kit
Door Sensor Kit


LRS Door Sensor Kits are currently used by security companies to silently monitor private homes. When a door or window is compromised, the Sensor Kit silently pages the home owners, notifying them instantly on their pagers. LRS Door Sensor Kits are also used in various businesses such as retail stores, showrooms, offices and retirement homes to notify staff members when people walk in and out. 

Unlike the standard beeping sensors on the market that require you to be inside the room, the Door Sensor Kit from LRS will instantly send a customized notification message to your Alphanumeric pager, no matter where you are within your home or facility.

The Door Sensor Kit can transform any LRS Butler II or Freedom transmitter into a door and window monitoring device. Simply connect the cable into the Butler II or Freedom transmitters' dry contact pin and you’re ready to go.


Receive customized messages notifying you which door was opened
Eliminates the need of having to listen for beeps and buzzers
Used by various businesses to notify staff when customers walk in
Used by Security companies to monitor doors and windows
Gives you freedom to move around your facility
Can be used in multiple doors and windows
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Compact in size
Easy to program and install
Compatible with all LRS Alphanumeric pagers
Works with LRS Butler II and Freedom transmitters
Longer range than the standard door sensors on the market
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