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LRS | iQueue Waitlist App
iQueue Waitlist App


Turning your tables quickly means more customers will be served. The more customers you serve, the more revenue you will generate. The iQueue App from LRS is the only patented Wait-List and Table Management App that utilizes both cell phone text messaging and LRS guest pagers. With iQueue, you can retire that inefficient paper and pencil system and use smart technology to manage waiting guests, tables and guest reservations.

When guests walk in, type their name, party size and note if they have any seating preferences such as a non-smoking or window table from the iQueue's built-in Preferences Option. Then, hand them an LRS guest pager or add their cell phone number to the iQueue App. Now, your guests are free to enjoy a drink at the bar or walk around while they wait. When it's their turn to be seated, simply drag and drop the party’s name to the assigned table and iQueue will instantly notify their pager or cell phone that the table is ready.

iQueue can also display how many parties of each size are waiting to be seated. With the touch of the appropriate party size, the Wait-List is sorted by that number, making it quick and easy to find the perfect fit for every open table. This is just another iQueue option that you can use to better manage waiting guests.

The iQueue App also has the ability to allow your servers to remotely view and update table statuses using an iPad tablet. Instead of having your hostess leave the stand to check on table statuses, she can now spend more valuable time with your guests.

The iQueue App is only available on iPad and can be downloaded for Free from the App Store.


Pages cell phones and LRS pagers (Patented)
Accurately quote your customers wait times
Have an organized and professional customer waiting list
Easily find your waiting customers with the push of a button at No-Cost
Give customers the freedom to walk around while they wait
Eliminate guest crowding around the hostess stand
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Design your own table layout for easy table assigning
Display and update table status remotely with a wireless handheld
Drag and drop to page, call or remove from Wait List
Color-Coded Wait-List and notified list
Easily find information using the Quick-Search option
Wait-Time predominately displayed
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