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LRS | TX-74C232 Interface
TX-74C232 Interface


The TX-74C232 Interface transmitter from LRS is used by software developers who are developing application software and would like to interface with a paging system. The affordable TX-74C232 Interface transmitter from LRS is low-cost and contains all the features you will find in our patented Freedom Plus transmitter, excluding Cell Phone paging and without a keypad. You can simply download every feature you need from the TX-74C232 Interface transmitter via a port.

The TX-74C232 transmitter is compatible with all LRS guest and staff pagers, including the Coaster Caller, Pizza pager, Star, Adverteaser, Lobster pager and the 4-Line Alphanumeric staff pager.

The TX-74C232 transmitter can also be used as a signal repeater with our patented NetPage PC Browser-Based software and as a transmitter with most known POS Systems.


Create your own application to operate with any LRS pager
Designed to interface with any computer
Can easily interface with any On-Site paging system
Can easily be modified to interface with known POS systems
Affordable yet packed with all the features of the Freedom Plus transmitter
Supports over 1000 LRS pagers
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Operates on 110V or 220V
All commands are sent via ASCII text
Supports up to 76 Pre-Canned messages
Supports over 1000 LRS pagers
3 LED status indicators
Complete software control
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