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LRS | U.L.O Beach Safe
U.L.O Beach Safe


No more looking over your shoulder or leaving someone behind to watch your belongings and no more hiding your valuables in your bag, shoes or under the towel. Simply put your mobile phone, wallet, keys and other belongings inside the U.L.O Beach Safe and lock it using the TSA combination lock that is included. The safes will instantly increase the overall guest experience, by giving them complete peace of mind while they swim or eat.

Renting out the safes to hotel and beach resort guests can return your investment within weeks. The safes can also increase your poolside revenue because your guests will be more comfortable leaving their valuables behind, so they can order food and drinks.

Made in the USA, U.L.O Beach Safes have unique overlapping edges to keep the sand out and are manufactured using strong and durable ABS plastic.


Give your guests peace of mind while they swim or eat
Reduce petty-theft and customer complaints
Return your investment within days by renting out the safes to guests
Security shell is large enough to hold several people’s valuables
Overlapping edges help keep the sand out
Earn more revenue by having a sponsor’s logo added to the safes
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Fits virtually all umbrellas
No tools needed for installation
You can create your own lock code
Made from strong ABS plastic
Overlapping edges keep sand out
Sleeve attaches to the umbrella with the twist of a thumbscrew
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