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LRS | 4-Line Alphanumeric Pager
4-Line Alphanumeric Pager


This is truly the first Alphanumeric Staff Pager designed with our customers in mind.

LRS 4-Line Alphanumeric Staff Pager is absolutely the easiest to use, on-premise and full-messaging pager on the market. Until now, the complexity of the standard Alphanumeric pager has been overwhelming and not user-friendly. Our 4-Line Alphanumeric Staff Pager has simplified menus and only gives you the on-site features you need such as Auto On/Off, read messages and delete messages. It boasts advanced features such as group paging, out-of-range indication, low battery symbol and wireless programmability.

Our 4-Line Alphanumeric Staff Pager includes an economical yet durable belt pager cradle, which minimizes damage due to pager drops. You may also purchase the optional rubber wrist band, so your staff members can attach the pager on their wrist and wear it just like a watch.


Easily locate your staff members with the push of a button at No-Cost
Eliminate expensive and time consuming mobile phone paging and monthly fees
Vibrate, beep and flash modes with customized time periods
Large 4-Line 200 character back-lit display screen
Can be programmed to support up to 5 groups
Comes with a belt-clip pager cradle that can be replaced easily and economically
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Holds up to 25 messages
Operates on a single AAA battery
Automatic On/Off increases battery life
Vibrate, beep and lock down alert modes
Automatic Back-Light
Set time and date from any LRS transmitter
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